Estancia Bonanza

Few miles away from the village, there is a bridge, it helps men to cross the river. On the other side, the estancia rises, the haunt of the unremitting traveler. Where the shining china awaits to provide a cozy meal, and unleash the legendary tales, the origins of Patagonia, the unbreakable brotherhood of man and horse. The traveler that reach this place likes the pervasive smell of leather exhaled by the saddles, and a gaze constantly lost in the horizon. He likes to return at the end of the day to tell the feats on the bone fire. Listen a gaucho playing its howling guitar while its companion signs the history of these lands. To sit at the table with them and sabour a long thought meal to awake the natural instincts, and finally discover, in the bowels of untamed Patagonia, that side of you that was always waiting to be found.


12 km from El Chaltén, on RP 41, between Río de las Vueltas and Río del Bosque.

Coordeinates: 49°11 ́45"S72°53 ̈14"W.

Located at the base of Bosque Mountain Range, in 8,000 hectares of woods, lakes, and rivers, mountains, and glacierså


Accommodation options

  • La Ponderosa house

    La Ponderosa was originally the home of Lita and Pirulo, pioneers and founders of the Estancia. The Estancia features two en suite bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen that is also used as a dining room. A few meters away from the main house is the guest house.

    Location: 3km away from the entrance bridge.

    2 rooms / 1 common area / Usina Vieja

    1 Guest house. .

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  • Puestos de Veranada

    La Veranada was called to greener pasture fields where gauchos sheltered in little houses while cattle fed. Facing the stunning Mount Fitz Roy, stand 4 studio apartments designed to preserve the essence and esthetics of those traditional Patagonian shelters.

    Location: 2 km away from the entrance bridge.

    Exclusive views of Northeast side of Mount Fitz Roy.

    Four 35 m2-bedrooms with private restroom.

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  • Vizcacha Camp

    AREA UNDER CONSTRUCTION. OPENING SEASON 2022/23, On the other side of the Cañadón, and inside the woods, we built 4 geodesic domes for camping lovers and mountain life.

    Location: 3 km away from the entrance bridge

    Surrounded by native forest.

    Four 16 m2-geodesic domes with external and private restrooms. There is a living room and a lounge domo.

Bonanza and Mountain Gastronomy

The kitchen is the place where always lights the fire, mate awaits, and a rewarding snack surprises travelers.

A Patagonian chef design all dishes, a fusion between traditional mountaineering meals and international cuisine.

We make our bread on-site and harvest our vegetable garden. Organics product goes directly to your plate.

All stays include activities and a full-board meal program.